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  • Nickolaus Pacione

    23/09/2013 23:13

    Still looking to bring people in guys, so if you want to help spread the word about this network, post a link to it on your blogs and to your facebook.com profiles.

  • Nickolaus Pacione

    17/09/2013 22:13

    Exclusive short story to the network, Gruesome Cargo II. IT was hard to place so I thought fuck it -- it will be available here as a free read. Do not copy and paste this story elsewhere.

  • Nickolaus Pacione

    05/09/2013 07:42

    Hey all -- if you are joining us for the first time, please upload your photo on your profile. I want to see the faces of the people I talk to on the network.

  • Nickolaus Pacione

    19/11/2011 01:00

    Two movies are able to be seen from here now -- Dead Men Walking and The Last Man On Earth. This is posted for members who have high speed connections.

  • Nickolaus Pacione

    16/11/2011 14:47

    SHADOW OF DARKNESS IS LIVE -- it's a public venue and writing up my mission statement. No corrupt bullies taking over a forum and trying to get me banned here -- this is my place. There is a forum reserved for my work to discuss in print or freebies, but there is only one part of the forum for this and a forum for the line up to post.

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Weird Menace
Dark Tinged Memoirs
NDE Stories
Health Scares and Close Calls

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What's Going On

Welcome those who are coming in.

I welcome those who are just coming in and joining the network,  there is a venue for those from the 815 area to make themselvesat home at -- I started this failed network on ning.com called 815 Nation.  But I am resurrecting it as a group on ...

18/11/2011 12:12

The Rules

Read these as you come on. This is an important part of the place here -- every network has these, and some of these go back to when I ran the Goth Community on LiveJournal.com. This place is going to be like every single place I admined in parts.

16/11/2011 13:14

just moving in and rules

The owner introduces the venue and addresses some of the policies. He will be the only staff on board for this place. No help running things it will be just him.

16/11/2011 07:01

The Damn Feed

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    Shadow Of Darkness
    originally the firefly venue brought back and reborn. Originally an inherited place by Nickolaus Pacione at 20 years old but now he owns the new incarnation of the place. He made Shadow of Darkness his back in 1997 when he reinvented the place.

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visitor warnings

This place is not work safe because of the harse language.  So if you're under 16 this might be too much for you to take.  Don't say that the place would be too offensive because I didn't warn you.  
    The network contains dark and explicit content referring to current events in some forums.  Talking about the nature of human evil in some ways and leave things open for people to talk about religion in some places.
    I will allow it -- this place is Christian friendly that's if they can handle the dark and gritty nature of this place.  The things that might not be allowed to be said on Vampirefreaks.com will be allowed here in some ways -- it goes there.